Chicago Home Remodeling Ideas

Why should Chicago residents consider home remodeling? Home remodeling is affordable and a good investment whether you decide to stay in your home or sell it. If you stay in your home, remodeling is a way to get the features you want. If you relocate, though, you have better odds of selling faster and at a maximum price. Do you need help with home remodeling? Consider some of the top hot home remodeling projects that are popular now in Chicago:

Going green is red hot

Becoming eco friendly is in style these days. Not only will you do your part to help with conservation of the environment but you will cut energy costs as well, ultimately saving money. Think about using solar power to your advantage in Chicago. With today’s technology it looks sleek and modern and a great home remodeling idea.

Paint colors move toward warm and natural

Painting is an inexpensive way to spruce up your home. Home remodeling in Chicago is leaning toward natural colors such as earth tones in muted shades. Greens, browns and burgundies are all the rage. If you want a great way to make a change in your home inexpensively consider a home remodeling painting project.

Add functionality to existing spaces

You don’t have to add an addition to a home to gain more functionality during a home remodeling project. Consider reworking your kitchen so it is multi functional. Add an office or homework area, island work station or craft bench. More people choose the kitchen to gather and socialize so add in more seating areas.

Create your oasis of relaxation

When you are tired of the busy hustle and bustle of Chicago and want to relax and unwind, nothing beats a hot bath in a luxurious setting. But if your bathroom is old and tired it is time for some home remodeling. Make your bathroom the soothing relaxation area it should be complete with television and whirlpool spa.

There are many ways you can add functionality and value to your home. If you are looking for home remodeling services, make sure you go with a reputable company with a proven track record.

By: Greg Maziarka

The Urban Touch With Exposed Brick Walls

The exposed brick wall has captured the hearts of the young urbanites for years with their interior designs and is finding its path from the inner cities to the suburbs around the country. Not every wall in your home should have an exposed brick wall, but the texture, age and color can bring the room character and warmth.

Before Exposing the Brick

Before exposing the brick wall make sure the brick is in great condition. Some brick can deteriorate over time and become damaged. It won’t look appealing and interior designs will not be able to save it. Make a small opening or even try to examine the brick through an electrical fixture. This should allow you to determine the quality and color of the brick.


How much work are you willing to take on? This question is something else to consider before tearing down the plaster or drywall that is over your brick wall. Consider the elbow grease needed to take down the plaster, the amount of mess, and cleaning the brick to get it presentable. If the brick wall behind the plaster is going to require a lot of work and cleaning do research on what sort of cleaning method to use; steel brushes, muriatic acid, or sandblasting. The type of cleaning method can also be decided based on if someone is living in this space and the amount of clean up. Cleaning a brick wall depending on its size can be a time consuming job but the interior designs can be just the push to get the job done.

Accent Walls

The look and character a room presents is very important and the interior designs you can add around this brick accent wall bring charm and character to any space. Bedroom design ideas are endless bringing in a cottage charm appearance.

The kitchen design ideas with copper pans and greenery in corners make it a room to stay in for more than just eating and cooking. Living room designs with big cozy leather couches, throw blankets and big pillows add to the warmth of an exposed brick wall. The exposed brick accent wall can enhance any room with adding just a simple pieces and décor.


The interior designs are endless when exposing a beautiful brick wall, but be aware that by removing the plaster or drywall this also removes some insulation from the wall. It may cause the room to be heated more or be drafty if it is an outside wall. Always make sure that the heating system in place will be strong enough to cover the space if more heating is necessary and that the increased cost is within budget.

Always do the research as with any home project to make sure that the end result can be accomplished without causing more damage and ask a professional to come check out the wall before construction starts. An exposed interior brick wall is a beautiful addition to any room and the interior designs added to the space make it an original space with a personal touch.

By: michaela.k

Assessing The Reasons For Home Inspection Negotiation Failures

The scenario is all too familiar. Real properties get into escrow with serious and “qualified” home buyers and then, by a sudden shift of events, the deal doesn’t push through and the same property ends up in the market after a few weeks. What seems to be the problem?

There is probably a long list of reasons why real estate negotiations fail. For instance, there are some homebuyers who have the tendency to get the home for sale on escrow even if they have not yet made up their mind in paying the price offer. Sometimes, buyer will dangle a tempting offer to sellers prior to inspecting the home and resort to price reduction during the actual home inspection. This is usually the case in a buyers market. The situation sometimes deteriorates up to a point where the seller are abused and “forced against the wall” by the enormous cutbacks and unbelievable demands by abusive buyers. Sellers will ultimately opt out of the deal once they feel that deceit is being applied on them.

Home inspections are designed to thresh out ticklish issues that affect the deal. However, it presupposes that both parties come to the negotiation table in good faith. Buyers need to make a good offer after the home inspection has been done. On the other hand, sellers must be cautious when dealing with buyers making offers that are way off the current price trends in your area.

In most cases, the major hurdle usually comes during the home inspection phase. Deals usually take the dive because of results of the home inspection. Serious complications come about when sellers don’t or can’t accommodate the adjustments being proposed by buyers. A stalemate in the negotiation will invariably result to a fall out in the negotiation.

Let us look at some of the major reasons behind the failures in home inspection negotiations:

1. It is now getting to be a common practice to allow seller’s agents to be part of the home inspection negotiation. This might not be a good idea for most buyers especially if the home inspection becomes complicated and leads to unmanageable situations and the negotiation gets out of hand. Buyers naturally don’t want to have extra hand that can pull the strings in favor of the sellers. You have to remember, that the seller will seek the professional advice of his agent to determine the best way to respond to your request for adjustments. If you are really serious in getting through with the deal, then there is no reason for you not to allow the presence of the seller’s agent during the home inspection.

2. It is also essential that you are able to assess the home inspection result from the perspective of the seller. A competent and experienced agent can be able to prepare a well-crafted inspection response that will facilitate the resolution of serious issues reflected in the home inspection report. Problems usually complicate the negotiation if the inspection response involves demands that the other party cannot respond to.

3. Making unrealistic demands is tantamount to sending the deal to oblivion. What do you think will happen if you insist on pulling down a wall panel simply because the inspector cannot give you a definitive answer on what is behind that wall. Sellers will definitely not approve to such kind of demand and, ultimately, this can lead to a stalemate if either party is not willing to relent.

To avoid these common complications in your home inspection negotiations, it is important that you are accompanied by your agent and allow the agent of the seller to be present during the negotiation. If you have some unresolved issues and doubts with the results of the home inspection, then it is wise to get a second opinion of another home inspection specialist.

By: real estate info

Window Treatment Ideas – Double Rod Curtains

If you are hanging curtains and you need to place rods one in front of the other, you will need double curtain rods. The rods will be held in place by double brackets. Although you double brackets are required, additional accessories such as hold-backs, rings and wands can also be used.

Measuring for double curtain rods is as simple as measuring for simple curtain rods. The first step is to measure the window and determine how far the rods should extend. Once you have determined how far the rods are to extend, if at all, you will have your rod length. A current trend in curtain rods is the use of decorative finals on the front rods and end caps on the back rod. Sheer curtains are usually placed on back rods with bright decorative materials placed on the front. Based on the lighting of the space, some designers opt for light blocking materials in the front. In the event a smaller rod is used, it is most attractive as the back rod.

Designers that plan to pull back the front curtains, usually rely on hold-backs. For easier movement of the front curtains, rings can also be used. Another option for easy movement is the use of wands.

Double brackets offer a variety of projections. The projection is how distance between the wall and the rod. You would want to project your rods at a distance that works best for the style and movement of your curtains.

Double curtains are just one of the many options in Window Treatments. Check out Contemporary Interior Designs for more ideas.

By: Olivia Crawford

Interior Design Games: Your Virtual Decorating Concepts

Have you ever dreamed of becoming an interior designer? Gaming developers have made a virtual scenario that enables budding style artists and those who have the knack for residence decorating to live their dreams to the fullest. With interior design games that capture your wildest imagination, you are able to produce your own unique style by adding them into a building model, putting in some amenities you like, altering the themes and colors, to greatly fulfil your dream home. These games allow your creative side to excel whilst enjoying the fun and entertainment they supply.

Virtual designing games are interactive activities that enable users to become designers within the make believe world. These games are presented uniquely for different types of audiences. Some internet advertising businesses come up with free virtual games on their web sites exactly where ads are promoted for you to click on. These games are at times featured on sites of interior design producers, allowing their clients to test the products in a virtual space setting. With an interactive tool, they’re able to test out the products in different room styles and see how they appear.

Experimentation with home decorations is essential to people who plan to have their interiors remodelled for a new look. You get to try out the items inside the setting you need at a nearly cost free trial. Computer simulation permits us to view in advance the look of a particular spot we have decorated virtually and alter anything that we discover not suited for the area. This is also advantageous to interior designers who would wish to show their consumers what style they intend to place in their client’s home. Home-makers can likewise seek this decorating simulation for a cost free approach to change the inside look of their houses.

The unique functions of these designing games permit you to create your dream house from scratch. A blank building might appear where you can pick the rooms you can add such as the living room, bathroom, bedroom and a lot of more. You’ll be able to paint whatever color you want for each and every room and choose the material to make use of. You can find appliances and furniture you can put in to complete your furnishings. You are able to select for intricate styles to match the classic or contemporary design you would like. Each of the accessories you will need for your home may be added without having limit. Gardens, garage and patio may also be placed wherever you would like them.

Advancements in technology have provided for all items feasible at the click of your fingers. Interior design games are a welcome addition to the world of interior styles and associated fields of enterprise. They’ve ushered in a new development that has benefited not only the designing industry, but also the typical household users.

By: Mary McCready

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